Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here’s the Reason.

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Ever find yourself asking “why can’t I lose weight?”  Well there is one BIG reason why.. read on.

As many of you may know I am a nutrition nut and eating clean is very, very important to me.  I choose to shop at stores like Whole foods, Earth Fare, and my local co-op because these stores are committed to selling healthy, non-GMO, and organic foods from companies that care about our health and the health of the environment.

Let me tell you what you WON’T find in these stores- items labeled Low fat, reduced fat, diet and fat free.

Isn’t that odd?

This must mean that people who shop at these stores are overweight, right?  I mean how could they possibly be healthy if they are buying full fat foods?

Well, any food item you buy that has the words “low fat”, “reduced fat”, or “fat free” on the label is code for

ADDED SUGAR! Lots and lots of sugar! 

It’s not fat that makes us fat, It’s the sugar!!!

FAT is good for you, we just need to make sure we are eating good fats!


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Companies can add as much sugar as they want to a product and technically on the label advertise ‘NO Fat’, but when all this added sugar gets into our bodies the pancreas has to secrete insulin to bring our sugar levels down.

Insulin is the FAT producing hormone.

Companies have to replace this fat with sugar; otherwise the product would taste like absolute garbage

Are you following me?

If you are trying to be healthy and lose weight, the first thing you need to do is stop buying this ‘no fat’, ‘low fat’ junk!

 “One third of all women and one quarter of all men in the U.S are on a diet.” –Colorado University

Yet, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are all on the rise like never before… something doesn’t add up here.

There is much more that goes into living a healthy lifestyle of coarse but the first step you can take is eliminating this marketing scheme of ‘Fat Free’ and ‘diet’, because it’s not helping your cause, you are just getting fatter and sicker.

This is the facts.  If you want to learn more there is a great documentary on Netflix called Hungry for Change, it digs into this issue deeply and it’s a great watch!


Health and Love to you all,
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11 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here’s the Reason.

  1. SO, SO true. I loved Hungry for a Change! And sugar…holy moly. It’s in EVERYTHING. I’m currently doing the Whole30 (on day 8! WOOT!), and WOW I craved sugar (thank heavens I threw my sugar out before I started, or I think I would have just eaten it out of the bag! *hides*). It’s crazy how much we’ve become “used” to this. Change is a good thing 😉

    1. Good for you! Although I try to eat whole foods as much as possible I’d love to try the whole 30, I know it’s probably rough at first detoxing from that sugar, but just think how good you’ll feel after the 30 days!

  2. amazing! My dad is a diabetic and I know his sheets he has to follow are really useful knowing what turns into sugar and so on. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Interesting thought process! I always feel more satiated/satisfied with meals higher in fat content than carbs/sugar so I say bring on the fats! [Usually means a lower total daily calorie consumption for me.]

    I’ll have to check out the documentary and see if it’s on Hulu!


  4. I never really thought about all of that sugar and its affects! Great tips, I’ll have to check that documentary out!

  5. Great post. I really wish there was a Whole Foods close by to me, unfortunately there isn’t. I have always had a struggle with food, my stomach is extremely sensitive and even foods that are healthy and good for you, I often have issues consuming. It’s an uphill battle but I am definitely giving it my all. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very true. Labels can be SO misleading. The best thing to do is avoid processed foods at all cost, in my opinion. I loved the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (plus the second one). It caused me to majorly increase the amount of veggies we are consuming (fruits, too, but less of those), and we have been steadily losing weight and feeling SO much better.

    1. Yes, I too love that one. There are so many good documentaries on Netflix right now that have some great information on food.

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