Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here’s the Reason.

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Ever find yourself asking “why can’t I lose weight?”  Well there is one BIG reason why.. read on.

As many of you may know I am a nutrition nut and eating clean is very, very important to me.  I choose to shop at stores like Whole foods, Earth Fare, and my local co-op because these stores are committed to selling healthy, non-GMO, and organic foods from companies that care about our health and the health of the environment.

Let me tell you what you WON’T find in these stores- items labeled Low fat, reduced fat, diet and fat free.

Isn’t that odd?

This must mean that people who shop at these stores are overweight, right?  I mean how could they possibly be healthy if they are buying full fat foods?

Well, any food item you buy that has the words “low fat”, “reduced fat”, or “fat free” on the label is code for

ADDED SUGAR! Lots and lots of sugar! 

It’s not fat that makes us fat, It’s the sugar!!!

FAT is good for you, we just need to make sure we are eating good fats!


diet soda

Companies can add as much sugar as they want to a product and technically on the label advertise ‘NO Fat’, but when all this added sugar gets into our bodies the pancreas has to secrete insulin to bring our sugar levels down.

Insulin is the FAT producing hormone.

Companies have to replace this fat with sugar; otherwise the product would taste like absolute garbage

Are you following me?

If you are trying to be healthy and lose weight, the first thing you need to do is stop buying this ‘no fat’, ‘low fat’ junk!

 “One third of all women and one quarter of all men in the U.S are on a diet.” –Colorado University

Yet, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are all on the rise like never before… something doesn’t add up here.

There is much more that goes into living a healthy lifestyle of coarse but the first step you can take is eliminating this marketing scheme of ‘Fat Free’ and ‘diet’, because it’s not helping your cause, you are just getting fatter and sicker.

This is the facts.  If you want to learn more there is a great documentary on Netflix called Hungry for Change, it digs into this issue deeply and it’s a great watch!


Health and Love to you all,
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Mac and Cheese with Hidden Veggies

 Mac and cheese with hidden veggies… I promise they won’t know, husbands included. 

If you are a parent, than there is no doubt in my mind at some point or another you’ve struggled with getting your kids to eat their veggies!

I like to think that since the time my babes were little, I’ve positively encouraged healthy eating and have been a good example to them… but even with this effort; sometimes kids just don’t like them.  Sometimes it’s the taste, sometimes it’s the texture, sometimes it’s just the mere look of those veggies, and sometimes they just like to remind you who’s really the “boss!”

Well this just doesn’t work for this nutrition nut, I’ve been mildly successful at sneaking veggies into some of my kid’s favorite dishes… and I’m tellin’ you, they HAVE NO CLUE!!!

So, I thought I’d share with you all!  Here’s my recipe for Mac and Cheese with  hidden veggies and you know what’s hidden in it? YELLOW SQUASH! Shhh…. Yes, and it’s actually delish (even my hubby likes it!)  It gives the dish a hint of sweetness, especially when yellow squash is in season!

It can even be made gluten free!  See details at the bottom of the post ↓

Mac and Cheese with squash

Mac and Cheese with Hidden Veggies

Serves 5
Prep time 25 minutes
Cook time 25 minutes
Total time 50 minutes
Dietary Gluten Free
Meal type Main Dish, Side Dish
Misc Child Friendly
This recipe has a crunchy top and a cheesy, yummy center. A comfort food that's healthy and kid friendly! Mac and cheese with hidden veggies.


  • 2 Cup Dried elbow macaroni ((8 ounces))
  • 1/2 cup Chopped onion ((1 Medium))
  • 1 Small Yellow Squash ((Sliced))
  • 2 tablespoons Butter
  • 2 tablespoons All purpose flour
  • 1/8 teaspoon Fresh black pepper
  • 2.5 cups Milk
  • 1.5 cups Colby Jack cheese- cubed ((6 ounces of a brick))
  • 1.5 cups American cheese - cubed ((6 ounces of a brick))


  • handful Buttery round crackers


Please try and use all organic or GMO free ingredients when possible!


Step 1
Preheat oven to 350F and start a pot of water for the noodles.
Step 2
Meanwhile, for cheese sauce, in a medium/large sauté/saucepan, sauté squash and onion in butter over medium heat long enough to soften slightly. About 5 minutes.
Step 3
Once the squash and onions are soft, stir in flour and pepper. Add the milk all at once and stir over medium heat until slightly thickened and bubbly.

Next I pour the mixture into a food processor or blender and puree to even out the texture.*

**this step is optional and I have made it without doing this and it's just as yummy, just make sure your squash and onions are chopped small, otherwise those little detectives will be suspicious ;)**
Step 4
Pour the pureed mixture back into the pan and add all your cubed cheeses and continue stirring until completely melted.
Step 5
Stir in cooked macaroni and then transfer mixture to a 2 quart casserole dish. Bake, uncovered for 25-30 minutes.
Step 6
While it's baking, take a sandwich/freezer baggie and crush up about 7-10 buttery round crackers. I toss them in a few teaspoons of butter in my sauté pan and add them to the top of the casserole 5 minutes before it's done!


If you’d like to make this recipe gluten free, which I do every now and again.  I use these in replacement of traditional pasta and they really are good and my family doesn’t even mind!  Also, a good way to ‘sneak’ in another super healthy grain- Quinoa!




Please, as always, comment with any questions and share!

Health and love to you!

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How to Take a Detox Bath, Kids too!

My little and I were feeling a little under the weather last night (he had a runny nose, my throat was sore), I thought it was a great opportunity to take a DETOX BATH!

Yes, even my 3 year old takes detox baths and let me tell you they are Ahhhhmazing!

A detox bath is a great way to naturally detoxify and flush out toxins!  It’s good to do about once a week and especially when feeling ill.  Here’s how to take a detox bath, kids too!

Here are the 4 ingredients you’ll need:

  • Epsom Salt– When dissolved in warm water, it absorbs through the skin and replenishes our levels of magnesium which helps our body’s de-stress, eases pain, and most importantly eliminate toxins from our body.
  • Baking Soda – It neutralizes the chlorine in the bath water, which is important because your pores will be open and you don’t want to soak that in. It also detoxes and alkalizes your body naturally. I love how it makes the water feel silky, bonus 🙂
  • Essential Oils– Essential oils have many health benefits and the heat of the water helps the oils absorb into your body through the skin and inhalation. Last night I used ‘Peace & Calming’, but Lavender or chamomile would be nice too!
  • Coconut Oil– Because it makes the skin feel ‘oh so soft’ and no need for additional moisturizer when you get out!


  1. Start running the bath water, make it very warm, I like it HOT, but don’t burn yourself (common sense).
  2. Take 1 cup of Epsom salt and add 8 drops of essential oil to the salt (this helps the oil distribute better in the water). Dump in water.
  3. Add ½ cup of baking soda to water.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to water.
  5. Mix around with your hand and get in.
  6. Soak for at least 20 minutes as submerged as possible.
  7. Get out slowly.
  8. *Optional* Rinse off in a cool shower to remove any leftover toxins on the skin.


Important things to remember:

-Shut the lights off and light a few candles to help you relax!  Bright bathroom lighting doesn’t equal tranquility (common sense when using candles around kids) I put the candles up on the counter when the kids bathe!  Hey, they like to relax too!

-Don’t use any soaps or lotions on your body while in or after the detox bath.

-When rinsing off try to use cool water and no soap is necessary.

-Adjust the amount of essential oils to your liking; 8 drops may be too strong for some.  Remember to ONLY use therapeutic grade oils, like Young Living.  If you don’t have essential oils yet, that’s ok, use the other ingredients!

-Drink a large glass of water during and afterwards (detox baths make you thirsty and can dehydrate you)!

-Rest, you will be sleepy after your bath.

If you have any questions about this, as always, contact me or leave a comment!


Health and love to you,
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(The information in this blog is not a substitute for professional medical care.  If you suspect you have a condition that could prevent you from taking a detox bath, please consult with your doctor first.)


Why Unhealthy Food is so Addicting

Good vs. bad

Why does unhealthy food taste so good?  Why is it so addicting?  Why does it always have us craving more?  I have people tell me all the time, “healthy food is bland and boring!”  Well that’s because conventional food companies use chemical additives in their foods that trick your taste buds into thinking their food actually tastes better than it does and these chemicals make your brain remember those flavors and crave them again and again.


This food additive and flavor enhancer is added to conventional food to make foods taste salty without the added sodium.

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate- excites your taste buds in a way that makes you crave that food and can be found in everything from tomatoes to cheese to soups to dressings.

The FDA commissioned a study that found these as the side effects of consuming MSG:

  • Burning sensation in the back of the neck, forearms and chest
  • Numbness in the back of the neck, radiating to the arms and back
  • Tingling, warmth and weakness in the face, temples, upper back, neck and arms
  • Facial pressure or tightness
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Difficulty breathing in people with asthma
  • Drowsiness
  • Weakness

—Yet, it’s still permitted in our food???—

 I’d avoid this ingredient at all costs.  Remember to look for Monosodium Glutamate on the ingredient label and say “good-bye” to that food.

Buy an organic alternative and it won’t have this harmful ingredient in it!

I Promise 🙂


Should be called “sweet poison,” and is added to almost everything labeled diet or sugar free! If you think you are making a health decision by choosing diet anything, you are very mistaken my friends!

Diet soda is very addicting and aspartame is the reason why!

It takes much less of an artificial sweetener to trigger the sweet receptors on our tongues; therefore companies can eliminate a lot of calories by removing the sugar.

The side effects of aspartame are so long I wouldn’t even have room to list them all, but here’s a few:

  • Vision problems
  • Headaches, dizziness, confusion
  • Anxiety, depression, phobias
  • Insomnia, irritability, aggression
  • Breathing issues
  • Stomach problems
  • Skin rashes
  • Allergies
  • Birth defects and can cause long term illnesses like:

Alzheimer’s, ADD, ALS, and MS (to names a few)

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but these symptoms are real (Do the research yourself)!

Look for aspartame on the ingredient label and PUT IT BACK!

Also, found in 99% of chewing gum!

I’m not a fan of any artificial sweetener, but I won’t ruin all your fun in one day and we’ll get to that in another post!

and once again…. If you buy organic, you won’t have to worry about aspartame! 🙂

Sodium Nitrate-

A preservative, antimicrobial agent, color fixative and flavoring used in cured meats and other products.

Here’s one that I started avoiding once I discovered it was triggering my migraines.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid processed meats like hotdogs and cold meat and sodium nitrate is the reason, since it’s been shown to cause problems to unborn babies.

 I, of course avoided these products while pregnant and guess what?  Hardly any migraines in 9 months!!  Made me start to wonder if sodium nitrate was triggering migraines and turns out it was!  Sodium Nitrate IS a trigger for headaches and migraines!

Besides migraines, sodium nitrate is linked to many cancers and I avoid it like the plague.

Sodium nitrate does occur naturally in some foods, even in fruits and veggies, but when it’s added artificially to a food, that’s when it causes problems.

Buy organic, and avoid added nitrates in your food!

These are just a few ingredients that trick your taste buds and a reason why healthy, natural and organic food may taste bland to you if your taste buds are used to being overly excited by these chemical food additives.  It’s getting harder and harder for people this day in age to lose weight because they are literally becoming addicted to the food they eat.

Here are some other ingredients I’d avoid at all costs:

  • BHA and BHT
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
  • Artificial Coloring (The word “artificial” in general!)
  • Potassium Bromate
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Any ingredient you can’t pronounce or read!

Some people will not see immediate effects from these food additives but with continued consumption, will almost surely be setting themselves up for long term damage and diseases later in life.

Here’s the bottom line, when you put chemicals in your body, your body has to work hard to rid of those chemicals.  When your body’s working hard riding of chemicals it can’t focus on more important things like fighting off cancer and other illness!!

I personally do everything I can to stay healthy and keep my kids healthy and thriving!

People in our country are sicker than ever and cancer is on the rise.   According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the number of new cancer cases is expected to increase nearly 45% by 2030, from 1.6 million cases to 2.3 million cases annually.  These harmful ingredients in our food system are part of the reason why.

I don’t know about you but I’d like to avoid cancer and all other disease at all costs and changing the way you eat is the first step!

If you ever have any questions about ingredients, foods, or healthy alternatives, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!

Health and love to you,
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