An Open Letter to Whoever Wins the BILLION Dollar Lottery!

An open letter to whoever wins the BILLION dollar lottery!



As I lie in bed last night I found myself not being able to sleep and in my mind I couldn’t help but play that game, you’ve probably all played at some point or another, where I thought “what would I do with all that money if I won the lottery?”

I found myself getting all giddy, thinking about the things I could do, but I wasn’t thinking about yachts and private jets, island homes or fast cars. First I started thinking about all the ways I could help my family out, pay all their bills and have some fun spoiling them, I could see the smiles on their faces when I told them I was paying their houses off, but then my mind shifted and I started thinking about all the good a person could do with such a large sum of money. I mean according to Forbes there are less than 2,000 billionaires in this world. Winning this lottery would put you amongst a small group of people and put you in a big situation to do some serious good, all with some money left over for a nice piece of land, with a nice house, a few cars, family vacations, travel and college educations for your kids and grandkids. I’m sure everyone has causes that our close to their hearts and there are so many great causes out there but let’s just put this into perspective.

We all know water is essential to life, yet so many people in other countries are dying daily from the lack of water and it’s a serious problem, more so than many of us can imagine. Watch here! In American many of us flush more water down the toilet in one flush then a family in Kenya has access to in one day. Organizations like The Water Project can have wells built in countries where access to water or access to clean water is very scarce. You can have a well built for as little as 10,000 dollars and it serves around 500 people who are living without. With just 5 million of your large fortune you could have 500 wells built in Sub-Saharan Africa, potentially affecting 250,000 lives, all without leaving your couch. Learn more about this serious world problem, which many of us take for granted and this amazing organization here.

This is just one tiny example of some good you can do, imagine the possibilities.

Some other things you could do with the money: how about sponsor a child or 50! Studies have shown that in adulthood; formerly sponsored children were far more likely to complete secondary school and had a much higher chance of having a white-collar job. They married and had children later in life, were more likely to be church and community leaders, were less likely to live in a home with a dirt floor and more likely to live in a home with electricity. How’s that for some change?

In his 2013 book Happy MoneyProfessor Michael Norton of the Harvard Business school states that money can buy you happiness — if, at least in part, you are spending that money not for yourself but for others. So whatever you do, future billionaire, please realize true happiness will only come from helping others. Keep in mind that 44% of lottery winners blow through their money in 5 years, so before you go out and buy yourself a small island and a sports team that will ultimately never produce long term happiness, I beg you please to use this money to do some good in the world, this sad, sick, needy world. You and you alone have the power to BE THE CHANGE! Material things will never keep your heart warm for long, but I promise you helping others and making big change in our world will leave a warm feeling in your heart that will last.


With love, Stacia




Are you feeding your kids this poison for breakfast?

Are you feeding your kids this poison for breakfast?

Ts 1

I had an opportunity for a blog post this weekend while at my parents’ house that I couldn’t pass up (sorry mom and dad). My kids found some Pillsbury Toaster Strudels in the freezer and asked if they could have one. I don’t buy these conventional brands of food (because 9 out 10 times they’re full of crap and GMOs and come from companies that put profit before health) so I decided to take a look at the ingredients, I knew I wasn’t going to find a picture of health on the back of that box, but what I found was much more disturbing than even I imagined.

The first sign of trouble was the very LONGGGG list of ingredients, that’s usually never a good sign. So let’s break this down. ts2

We start with some good ole’ enriched bleached flour. So, why is this bad? Well enriched flour means that the most important part of the seed, the germ, and the bran, have been removed. The bleached part means just what it says… BLEACHED, using chemicals to make it white, just like you would do to your clothes.

Chloride oxide is one of the chemicals sometimes used for bleaching flour and when it’s combined with leftover proteins in the bread it actually produces a poison called Alloxon. Alloxon has been used to create diabetes in laboratory animals. Enough said? Let’s move on.

Palm and/or soybean oil, unless this product labels itself NON-GMO, which it doesn’t, you can bet these oils are genetically modified.

And the next 4 ingredients after that… are… all… SUGAR! Yes you read it right the NEXT 4 ingredients are all sugar!

High fructose corn syrup, Sugar, Maltodextrin, & Dextrose.

Hydrogenated palm oil- let’s stay away from anything ‘hydrogenated’ because once something is hydrogenated it basically becomes plastic once in your body and it makes your blood move slower, one of the reasons why people get high blood pressure.

Corn syrup solids- used as a sweetener and a thickener and basically more sugar! (and just wait there’s more coming).

Mono and diglycerides– a genetically modified synthetic fat used to help ingredients blend more easily together which otherwise wouldn’t.

TBHQ- It’s abbreviated because the word is so long it would take up half the package. Its petroleum based (YUM) and it’s banned in most countries, but not here!

Polysorbate 60– commonly contaminated with dioxane which is known to cause cancer in animals – and it’s also petroleum based!

Red 40– it’s banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden and Switzerland and a host of other countries require a warning label on foods that contain it stating “may have an adverse effect on activity in children”… can you say ADHD? Oh yes… and it’s made from petroleum too!

Blue 1– Animal studies indicate that it can cause tumors and be carcinogenic to certain organs. It’s a coal tar derivative.

All those dangers just for the sake of an appealing color!

Natural and artificial flavor– this could be a million different things and we will never know. Natural in this case usually doesn’t mean natural at all, please don’t even be fooled by “natural flavors”.

And then finally just in case there wasn’t enough sugar in this product already lets add one more touch of Sucralose, which in an artificial form of sugar.

Did you see the front? “Now with 30% more icing” Yay, because there wasn’t enough sugar in it to begin with.

Food companies should be ashamed that they are marketing this junk to your kids, but they’re not because it’s all about profit for them.

This is not a healthy way to start your day, full of sugar, artificial ingredients and chemicals. You vote with your money the kind of food you want, please stop buying this garbage!

Health and love to you,




How Safe Are Your Skincare Products? Here’s the EASIEST Way to Find Out.

How Safe Are Your Skincare products? Here’s the EASIEST Way to Find Out.

I’m sure you’ve had to hear by now how toxic most of all skincare products are for us.

The problem with skincare products is that currently there is no regulation on the words “natural” or “organic” when it comes to skincare so you can’t always believe what the labels and packaging claim.

Reading the ingredient list for yourself is your best bet, but this is time consuming and confusing for some people. Here are some of the worst ingredients to avoid:

Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Mineral oil, Phthalates, Oxybenzone, Polyethylene glycols, or PEGs, FD&C Color Pigments, Synthetic Fragrances.

Here watch this video!

 Yes, it’s true that our bodies are great at filtering out these toxic ingredients from our system, that’s how amazing our bodies really are; but the problem is between skin care and other environmental toxins we come into contact with every day and the nasty food we eat, our bodies are overloaded with trying to rid of the junk!  When our bodies are busy trying to get rid of the crap and chemicals we load it up with daily it can’t focus on more important things like fighting off illness and disease.  Let me say this again!

“When our bodies are busy trying to get rid of the chemicals & junk we load it up with daily it can’t focus on more important things like fighting off illness and disease.”

So, I’ve found an easy way to quickly find out how safe a skin care product is for you and it’s with an app called

Skin Deep® by Environmental Working Group, Download it here

This app is SO easy to use.  You start by either searching or scanning the bar code of a product.


Then is pulls the product information up and gives it a score from 0-10 with 0 being the safest and 10 being the worst!SK3

Use this app and have the power to make better skin care decisions.

Health and love to you,


5 Things You Didn’t Know Probiotics Could Help With


I am a HUGE believer in probiotics, so much so that if I had to pick only one supplement to take, I’d choose probiotics because of their wide range of benefits.

We all know that probiotics are good for our digestive heath and support our immune system, and this is all wonderful and accurate, but how about all the other amazing things probiotics can help with?

I’m not talking about yogurt people; yes yogurt does have small amount of probiotics in it, but not nearly the amount we need on a daily basis.  Most yogurts on the market will have one strain of probiotics in minimal amounts and some are so laden with too much sugar and other artificial ingredients that it just cancels them out anyway.  Try looking for a multi strain probiotic that’s refrigerated best to find these at a health food store.

5 Things you Didn’t Know Probiotics Could Help With

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  3. Allergies
  4. Depression
  5. Weight Loss

    Love and health to you all,
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